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Operating as Wander Consulting and Wander Around Events

At The Wander Collective we want to grow vibrant, diverse communities across Australia.

Passionate about country towns & the people who live in them

Jade Malanczak on a dirt road in regional South Australia travelling for Wander Consulting
Claire Bateman at Ocean Beach lookout in Denmark, Western Australia, travelling for Wander Consulting
Claire Bateman and Jade Malanczak in the Yorkshire Moors, UK. Travelling for Wander Consulting.

Tailored services for
every community, project & event.


We work with our clients to develop high quality documents that leverage regional assets, acknowledge local strengths, create vibrant opportunities and speak to aspirations. Our strategies are designed to align with community values, to support economic and community development and growth, as well as identify opportunities to improve, streamline, strengthen and sustain work and investigate opportunities to expand and diversify interests. Our focus is on creating usable documents that give you a road map to success and provide clear, actionable outcomes - not dust gatherers that tick a box!

Master Plans | Economic | Tourism | Community | Engagement | Workforce | Marketing & Branding

We specialise in bringing your projects to life through innovative ideation, strategic reactivation and expert management. We excel in brain storming creative and impactful ideas that align with your vision and if your project needs a fresh perspective, or is dormant, we can breathe new life into your initiative. With meticulous planning and diligent execution, we ensure your projects are managed seamlessly from inception to completion.

Project Development & Reignition

All our events are driven by a commitment to economic development, aiming to foster positive change within regions and industries. We excel in bringing your vision to life, managing logistics, coordinating with vendors, engaging attendees, and overseeing sponsor relationships. Our expertise transforms routine meetings into extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impact on participants long after the event ends.

Impactful Events


Why work
with us

We love building relationships, spending time and supporting places that people may never have heard of, let alone visited.


We want to help put these places on the map by driving change and innovation.  Through contributing to the success of business, government and non-profits, we aim to create vibrant and diverse communities across Australia fueled by compassion and a 'fair go' attitude.

We specialise in crafting strategic solutions for our clients that transcend traditional corporate boundaries, empowering them to thrive in their unique environments.


Whether it's reactivating projects, curating unique events or helping to guide the creation of impactful tourism, economic development, and community enrichment strategies we are dedicated to co-creating successful outcomes with our clients that lead to growth and advancement for country and outback Australia.

We are champions of change and catalysts for growth


We are pragmatic reformers and creative thinkers, dedicated to transforming strategic visions into tangible actions. Whether we're organising events or providing management consulting services, our goal is to drive positive change. Our approach builds capacity within organisations and ensures that every step is executed with care and precision. We're committed to impactful outcomes.

We're proud to be members of


Allied Business Member:
Supporter of Aboriginal Business

Goldfields Aboriginal Business Chamber Inc.
GABC, Goldfields Aboriginal Business Chamber Member Badges, GABC Aboriginal Business Supporter Badge, GABC Member Badge

RRR Members
(Individual) - Claire & Jade

Rural Regional Remote Women's Network of WA
WA RRR Network logo

Silver Member

Albany Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.
ACCI Silver Membership Badge, Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry Silver Membership


Kalgoorlie  Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.


Fitzgerald Business Network

Let's work together

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